Marrakesh: and a tale of a Moroccan design retreat at Peacock Pavilions

Ah, lovelies......Hello.  It's been a whirlwind past week at Peacock Pavilions.  You see, there was a Moroccan design/shopping retreat at our place with an adorable group, that included Arianna, Bonnie, Carole, Erika, Fanny, Lenny, Natalie, and Tawney.  It was filled with pretty things to learn, do, see and eat in our olive grove and in my beloved city of Marrakech.  So fun!

When we talk Moroccan design around here, it's simply not enough to chat about it and look at it.  Oh no.  Why you have to be a part of it and it has to be a part of you............

And so it was that there was a Moroccan henna party on the rooftop of the Medina Pavilion at Peacock Pavilions.  

First there was pondering over what inspiration to choose.  Hmmmm....


 And then they were off! 

PeacockPavilion 2

PeacockPavilion 3
PeacockPavilion 4
PeacockPavilion 7

Why everyone's henna looked as if it were made just for them....{And it was!}

PeacockPavilion 8
And even the shyest and sweetest in the group were turned into Arabian princesses in a flash....!

PeacockPavilion 9
PeacockPavilion 10

PS Did you know that henna is believed to be able to transcend the skin and cleanse the soul.  Oh my!  *Magic*
PPS I am busily hatching plans for my next retreat at Peacock Pavilions {Moroccan design/shopping and wellness!}.  The last week of October.  Details soon to follow but let me know if you might like to join in!  I promise an amazing time you won't soon forget!