The world: and a tale of Harabu House's Exotic Chic

In times of confusion, I return to beauty.  It's calming and clarifying some how.  I've always invested in every day beauty, especially small and lovely items that I can enjoy regularly.  I don't believe in just "saving for company".  Because life is really made up of today, and tomorrow, and the day after that.  And after all, every single day deserves pretty.  

For Peacock Pavilions, I ordered these beauties from my now sponsor, Harabu House.  So so lovely in person, with their lacy detailing.  Delicate.  I use these placemats {$30} under handmade white glazed plates.  But they're gorgeous as trivets too to dress up the center of a table or under wine bottles with a few glasses so guests can help themselves.  

Harabu House placemats
I am also coveting these golden  spoons {$11 each} to accompany coffee and desserts, as well as these white and gold bowls {$28} - so perfect to store  jewels on the nightstand or in the bathroom.  Glamorous.

Coffee spoon
And I love the fine detailing on this beautiful Indian bedding. $115.

Indian bedding
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