Marrakech: and a tale of beautiful Moroccan carpets

Growing up with a Persian mother and an extended Persian family meant that I was well schooled in all things harkening from that mysterious and misunderstood country.  An appreciation for carpets {and Persian food} was at the top of that blackboard.  And those are lessons that I have carried with me all of my life.

In Persian tradition, the groom's family must provide a home and the bride's family must provide a carpet for every room in the home.  In other words, a bride's family must provide the furnishings because, really, every Iranian family knows that the carpet is the most important furnishing of all. A beautiful carpet is the base and foundation, not to mention artwork for the floor.  Everything else is, well, extra.  

And so it is that I give you color and I give you carpets.  Of the Moroccan variety, of course.    Because, it's almost Summer afterall and everything, everything is in color.  

Red Thread Souk 1
Vintage Moroccan Boujad carpet.

Red Thread Souk 2
Vintage Moroccan Boujad carpet.

Red Souk 7

Vintage Moroccan Taznakht carpet.

Red Thread Souk 6

Vintage Moroccan Chiadma carpet.

Red Thread Souk 3
Mixed Moroccan Boucharweit and wool pile carpet.

Red Thread Souk 5

 Vintage Moroccan Boujad carpet.

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