Marrakech: and a tale of dining at Peacock Pavilions

We love eating around here at Peacock Pavilions.  Oh yes, we do.  Nestled among the olive trees, we have our own organic herb garden (in French parterres) & a small but delicious kitchen garden (in raised beds), too.  

Here's a few things we've been cooking up:

Peacock Pavilions food 1
Our own version of salade Nicoise.

Peacock Pavilions food 2
Tomato tarte tatin with pastry made from scratch.

Peacock Pavilions food 3
Bread pudding made withour homemade lime ginger & strawberry jams.

Oh, did I mention, we love drinking around here, too? (ahem, in moderation, of course)

Peacock Pavilions food 4
PS I would love to hear what yummy things your whipping up in the kitchen, also.  Do tell!