Marrakech: and a tale of rejection

Her website said to Say Hello!  Her website said to Hire them!  Her website said that she had a Team of  People to help those who were Just like me.  But her email said something different.  It said something like this:

I’m sorry but we are not taking on additional projects.  However, if you tell us more about yourself, perhaps we’ll reconsider. 

 And so I did.  I listed my qualifications, I sent my bio, I sent my links, I sent my photo.  I said Oh Please. And then I waited.

And then I got an email back that said something like this (although perhaps a bit was just in my head): 

Thank you for your additional information.  We have reviewed it, and we have decided that you are not right for us.  We do not want to build your shop website.  However, here is a list of some others that do work like we do.  Please note that we do not know these people, and we do not know their work.  {But maybe they will take someone like you.}  

And there I was left feeling like the frog who had slipped into the pool.  The one who was not as good as the real people who deserved to be in the cool blue waters.  

No.  Nowhere near good enough.

Image by Peter Conroy, taken by the Peacock Pavilions pool.