Morocco: and a tale of Moroccan Beni Ouarain carpets

I’m quite sure that in a previous life I was a carpet merchant. I spent my days sipping tea and lounging on the finest examples of my stock, getting up only to furl and unfurl beauties one after another, earning admiring looks from customers and passersby. I come by my love of carpets honestly -- my mother is Persian, and so carpets are clearly in my blood. I grew up in houses filled with all sorts of woolen pile rugs, intricately patterned silk carpets, and tightly woven antique kilims. The carpets were meticulously cared for, and indeed, they were my responsibility in my family. Twice a week I would carefully move furniture out of the way and vacuum them, going only “with the wool,” as my mother had taught me. Each day when we left our home, the curtains would be drawn to ensure that the carpets didn’t fade prematurely.  

You see, some people buy a home and fill it with carpets. Others buy carpets and wait to have a home to put them in. I fall into the latter category.  

So it's no wonder that in this life I've managed to become a carpet dealer, too. (No point in fighting destiny, afterall.)  And I have beautiful new stock of vintage Moroccan Beni Ourains (including some smaller and more affordable ones).  These are investment pieces that make the whole room grounded and more fabulous.  Did I mention that I have new stock of wedding blankets, too?  Well, I should have.... 



Moroccan wedding blanket 562, 86 inches long, 56 inches wide (Beautiful at the foot of a bed.)


Moroccan Beni Ourain 310, 55 inches long, 102 inches wide. (So want to keep this one!)


Moroccan wedding blanket 604.  73 inches long, 41 inches wide (Super shaggy fringe. *YES*)


Red Thread Souk blanket 1

Moroccan weddiing blanket 604  93  inches long, 45 inches wide. (Sigh, sublime.)

Moroccan Beni Ouarain 306, 48 inches wide, 84 inches long (Glowy and coveted smaller size!!!)

Moroccan Beni Ouarain 299,  73 inches long, 116 inches wide (Dreamy and shaggy underfoot.  Gorgeous.)

Moroccan Beni Ouarain 309, 72 inches wide, 133 inches long (Hipster preppy with its amazing sideways diamonds.)


See all my stock right here.  And email me at Moroccanmaryam (at) yahoo (dot) com for pricing on any pieces that sing to you:-)