Marrakesh's Peacock Pavilion: and a tale of Moroccan interior design

Happy Monday, Lovelies.  

Thought I would share a glimpse of a new guest room I'm working on in the Atlas Pavilion in Marrakesh.  

Down a spiral staircase and you will find.... 

A collection of old Moroccan windows, some hundreds of years old, that I've bought in the souks.



A thrifted wood Moroccan star light from the 1960s.  Paintings I commissioned from Michelle Armas.  An old armoire we painted white.


We tinted the cement floors a pale mocha.  And then talented Peacock Painter Todd Oberndorfer stenciled them using a gorgeous Moroccan stencil that Melanie Royals designed for Peacock Pavilions (and can be purchased here).  Hand carved wood trim for the day bed.


More to come :-)  

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