Marrakesh: a tale of bits of news

Dear friends,

It's been such a busy week.  I'm coming up for air.  Here's some news

* I have gotten the full proof of my Moroccan interior design book from my New York-based publisher, Artisan Books.  I am now providing design commentary and working on captions. Oh my!

*Peacock Pavilions is in a brand new publication Heart Home Magazine!  Take a peek at pages 142-147.  Many many thanks to the 2 darling editors in chief who were at the Moroccan design & shopping retreat at Peacock Pavilions last Spring.  (And congrats on this oh-so-pretty publication!) 

* Eat Pray Move has been having a fab yoga retreat at Peacock Pavilions this week.  They are all adorable!  For you yoga fans, Erin's hosting another retreat at Peacock Pavilions in March!  Check it out here.

* A new flock of Peacock Painters is heading back to Peacock Pavilions on October 1.  Throw caution to the wind and come!  There are still a couple of slots left! Find out more info here.

* Foodies of the healthy variety might want to consider Chef Jennifer Robertson's Raw Glamour retreat at Peacock Pavilions in January.  Lots of hands on cooking and other fun stuff!

*I've been asked to speak about Moroccan design at the Design Leadership Summit next Spring.  So excited!

* I have new and incredible stock of vintage Moroccan Beni Ouarain Berber carpets at my shop, Red Thread Souk.  They're gorgeous!  See them here.

Skylar's hand at Red Thread Souk
* I leave for Egypt on assignment this Sunday.  So next time you hear from me...........that's where I'll be:-)

        With love from Marrakesh,