Moroccan design: and a tale of a Moroccan Modello door at Peacock Pavilions in Marrakesh

It's a big door, it's a very big door, this entry door to the Medina Pavilion at Peacock Pavilions.  All painted black, towering overhead.  But I had plans for it.  Big plans.  They involved Melanie Royals from Modello Designs {the way many of my best plans do}.  I wanted something glamorous, something golden, something memorable.  And I wanted to add to the quirky global mix that is Peacock Pavilions.  Because influences from one or two or ten or twenty countries would never do around here. {You'd have to see Peacock Pavilions for yourself, to believe it.}

So Chinoiserie, yes Chinoiserie.  I did my research and I sent Melanie some inspiration images of the nature scene variety.  And then she took them and designed something new, something fabulous.  

Door 029

Using a Modello makes everything so much easier.  Melanie designs it, you peel it, apply it, paint it and then peel it off. Or Melanie knows many people who can do it for you, if you prefer.  Those talented Peacock Painters {love them all!} made it happen in less than a day.

Door 020

Door 032
Door 048
Door 051
More to come!  {Wait until you see.....It's so beautiful that I stop breathing for a moment each time I look at it.}  And the best part is that Melanie's making stencils of it soon -- just in case you want a little Chinoiserie in your home, too!