The Djellabar bar: or a tale of where to drink in Marrakech

It was late and we were three girls out in Marrakech, without our husbands.  It could mean only one thing: trouble {cough}.  We headed to the Djellabar, a new spot in Marrakesh for eating and drinking. {And did I mention drinking?}

Djellabar is in a converted Moroccan marriage hall.  Moroccan mosaic zellij tile and sculpted geps plaster work cover the walls.  Fantastic. And there are fun paintings of Elvis, Bob Marley, Oum Kalthoum and more wearing Moroccan fez hats.  

Djellabar 2
Even the king is there.

Djellabar 1
Soon it was crowded. There were people at the Moroccan patterned bar.

Book section 1, pepe Nero, Djellabar 109
And others dancing and generally having a plain old good time.

Djellabar 4
 We thought the owners were adorable.  This is Claude. He's a DJ with several Paris nightclubs under his belt.

Djellabar 3
And we couldn't take our eyes off of Claude's beautiful love, Fadwa. 

Djellabar 5
And then there were the Djellabar drinks, served up on hand incised tables.  They had names like Moroccan Love Potion and Oriental Hibiscus Nectar (Or something like that. My head was a little fuzzy, you see.)

Djellabar 7
{Did I mention the drinks?} Oy.

Djellabar 8
Djellabar, Marrakech's new hot spot, owned by Claude Challe and Stephane Atlas

Villa Bougainvillée, 2 rue Abou Hanifa,
Hivernage, Marrakech

Cocktails at about 100 dirhams.