Marrakech: and a tale of a tiny film about my Moroccan interior design book

Happy Monday, Lovelies, 

I hope you had a fun weekend.  Mine was spent shooting a tiny one minute film in Marrakech;-)  It's to introduce the coffee table book on Moroccan interior design  that I'm doing for Artisan Books.  Although, I've been in a few commercials and TV episodes, I've never done anything quite like this.  And so I was very glad to be working with talented Filmmaker William Hicklin and adorable Producer Anna Wang (who is also my best friend).  There were a lot of laughs and funny stories along the way and they are both just amazing. 

Here are some backstory shots just to give you a little feel. 

  Winna_Marrakesh oct 2011 087
Winna_Marrakesh oct 2011 037

Winna_Marrakesh oct 2011 040
Winna_Marrakesh oct 2011 107
Can't wait to share the film with you!

        With love from Marrakesh,


{PS Anyone coming to Marrakesh in the next 2 weeks from the US?  I need a kind courrier!}