Marrakech: and a tale of Moroccan boucharweit carpets and rugs

Almost nothing gets wasted, nothing. A woolen sweater with holes is unraveled and made new.  Old tires are reconfigured and turn into chic baskets.  Oil drums get a fresh coat of paint and become modern tables. Repurposing, recycling, upcycling.   Morocco was green before there was Green.  Waste?  No, No, and, well, No.

And so it is with the Moroccan boucharweit carpets, or Moroccan rag rugs.  Tired clothes awake from their slumber.  Ugly scraps get a beauty makeover.  And empty floors are cozied up in a wink of an eye.  

And then there's the color. {Oh!} And then there's the pattern. {Oh!} And then there's the texture. {ahem, you get my point.}  

A new collection of Moroccan boucharweit carpets in Red Thread Souk.  Just perfect for making you smile as wide as you can smile and stretching your arms out as far as they can go {the latter for no apparent reason}.  Because these are the original happy rugs.  

The shy, the meek, the demure had best now avert their eyes.  But as for the others, well........

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hold onto your horses!

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See them all here in my shop, Red Thread Souk.