Morocco: and a tale of Winter coping mechanisms, Part 2: color

Winter.  Cold and dark.  And mostly just grey.  {Sigh, shall we just go back to bed?}
{And what's with wearing all that black, all that charcoal, all that brown?}  

No, this won't do.  This won't do at all.  

Think color, yes color.
Reach for the vivacious reds, the chatty pinks, the audacious oranges.  
Dig out the glittering yellows, the electric blues, the effervescent greens.

Wear it:  on your neck, your shoulders, your waist.
Paint it:  on your lips, your cheeks, your nails.
Unfurl it: on your bed, your table, your couch.

Wrap it around you.  

Multi-color 8
And don't forget....
                                to dream in color, too.

Multi-color 4

{Feel Better Campaign, brought to you by Me.}