The world: and a forlorn tale of celestial brownie points

I was thinking about some of life’s great mysteries. Like God.

I was wondering about people’s certainties. How they were so sure, so very sure that their God was right, but his God was wrong. Or how they knew, just knew, that he was going to heaven but she, yes she.... was going to hell. All because his religion said such and such, and her religion said so and so, and they weren’t the same. {And as for those poor souls that didn’t believe at all, well, we all know where they are going, now don’t we?}  

Natalie 040

 I was thinking how very sad it was. How very pointless. Because, really, who could ever know? And in the meantime, there was this great dividing line that stood between us.  That -- despite all of our modernity, all of our education -- we were evolving in the wrong direction.  Like planets spinning into different solar systems, lost in our own twirling.  And that we would never be able to see all the stars in the universe at the same time.  And love them all.

 Natalie 046