Marrakesh: and a tale of my book, Marrakesh by Design

I didn't mean to fall in love.  No, I didn't mean to fall in love.  You see, prior to Morocco, there was Namibia.  A place where the sun was so strong that I had to squint to see the stretches of desert, colorless and stark.  The cities and towns were quiet and organized, neat and tidy.  Everything seemed to have its place.  Even the sand dunes were perfectly arranged.  

And then..... then came Morocco.  And with it, all of its gorgeous madness. All of its colors, all of its patterns, all of its textures. Its souks bursting to overflowing. Its houses opening to secret gardens and fountain filled courtyards.  Arches and tiles cascaded as far as the eye could see. Rooms were decorated with a kind of seductive loveliness that was as tantalizing to me as the endless cups of Moroccan mint tea    

And I wanted to share some of that with you, you see.  I wanted to give you some Marrakesh.  So you could put it in your pocket.  So you could take it home with you.  So you could add a little Marrakesh to your own living room or bedroom or kitchen.  If I couldn't lure you to Morocco then I wanted to lure Morocco to you.

So here it is.  Yes, here it is.  My book.  Marrakesh by Design, to be published by Artisan Books.  

Marrakesh by Design_hi-res_FIN

Available now for pre-order.  At IndieBound.  Amazon.  At Barnes & Noble.  Please, oh please like it.  {I think you will.   I wrote it -- and photographed it -- with you in mind:-)}