Morocco: and a tale of Moroccan lanterns

It's been years.  But I still succumb to their beauty.  every. single. time. 

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Moroccan lanterns.

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Glasses and lights 017

Made with the tiniest saw blades, with the most careful chisels, with the most precise hammers.  Made by master craftsmen with the most patient hands.  

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These are no ordinary lights.  Oh no.  This is ambiance hanging from a chain -- the streams of light, tattooing the walls, the ceiling, the floor. 


16 patterned shadow at Tanjia 408


So you can buy those Ikea lights, those plastic globes, those prefab sconces.  Or you can buy.... Moroccan magic.

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I side with magic every time.


PS There is a Moroccan shopping resource section in my book.  So you can have some Moroccan magic of your very own.