Marrakesh: and a tale of meetings, departures and Peacock Pavilions

Being the tiniest of tiny hoteliers in Marrakesh is a special business. I always wanted Peacock Pavilions to be the kind of place where people would think back to when they stayed with us and it would evoke a feeling of something that was, well, warm and good, like a friend's exotic home, with stylish rooms and happy food.  That years later they would start off occasional sentences with..........You remember when we were at Peacock Pavilions and.......  That their time here in the olive grove would be imprinted somehow, one of those little stars in that silken pouch. Like something you could touch, feel and remember.  

 PP olive grove by Amanda Gilligan


Breakfast at PP by Amanda Gilligan

Every single day is a work in progress at Peacock Pavilions.  Neither architect husband Chris nor I have any background in this business but we try to make up for it with care, attention and quirky detail. It's hard to explain what it feels like when I learn of people's experiences staying with us. When I see their pictures and I read their words, it wells up in me, like a shy kind of pleasure.  



Amanda Gilligan of Peacock Pavilions


Amanda Gilligan

The images of Peacock Pavilions above are by photographer Amanda Gilligan of this lovely blog.  Amanda recently co-led with Susannah Conway and the bejeweled Jen Altman a photography retreat at our place.  They have a forthcoming Polaroid book, called Instant Love.  I so loved reading Jen's post  (with a Moroccan recipe!) about Morocco and Peacock Pavilions on her blog. And I was more than touched to read retreat participant Helen's memories of Peacock Pavilions on her blog.  So so sweet.  And do see this Moroccan recipe that the beauteous Heidi Swanson of 101cookbooks fame came up with. Easy and delicious!


PS I was interviewed in Indigare:-)  If you feel like it, take a hop over and see!

PPS Check out this Huffington Post Marrakesh style round up (Merci Huffington Post!) :-) 

PPPS Along with my very favorite Moroccan chef who has this amazing cookbook out,  I recently wrapped a Moroccan entertainment feature for Food & Wine Magazine.  It'll be on the magazine stands down the road.  Many thanks to their whole crew, including the adorable writer Gisela Williams, incredible photographer Lisa Linder, and talented stylist Susie Theodorou.  

PPPPS  Gorgeous new stock of Moroccan wedding blankets and Moroccan Beni Ouarain carpets in Red Thread Souk.  Take a look here and grab them while they're hot!


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