Moroccan design: a tale of red

Did you know that Marrakesh is known as the Red City?  Named after the color of its walls, which glow a rich color when the sun sets.  So it's all about red here today.........all about red.............

Close up of Moroccan boujad carpet

Snippet of a vintage Moroccan Boujad carpet.

7 skein of Moroccan yarn

Red wool hanging on the wall in the Dyers Souk.

Red sardine cans in Dar Rumi kitchen shelf

Red sardine cans in the Dar Rumi kitchen.

Red walls in the cafe des epices

Red tadelakt walls, floors and stairs in the Cafe des Epices in Marrakesh.

26 red roses option 1 007

Red roses in a hand carved Moroccan fountain at Le Tanjia Restaurant in Marrakesh.

Christmas & Jawad Khadiri 090

Red walls at Jawad Kadiri's house in Marrakesh.

4 Sequinned babouches at Dar Rumi 387

Red sequined slippers and red calligraphic artwork at Dar Rumi in Marrakesh.

3 Moroccan star at zid zid house 001

Artwork with former King Hassan II at the home of the designers of Zid Zid Kids.


 PS There's a whole chapter on Moroccan color in my forthcoming book, Marrakesh by Design -- so you can  use this beautiful color palette (red and so much more!) in your home, no matter where you live:-)

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