Marrakesh: and a tale of my home in Elle Decor. Part 1

I'm an accidental stylist.  I don't follow rules.  I mix with abandon. I don't worry decisions. I buy only things that I love.  

My home at Peacock Pavilions in Marrakesh, Morocco is in the April Elle Decor.  My architect husband Chris Redecke and I designed, built and decorated it from scratch (with love).  

Take a peek at a few images.


My livingroom. The carpet is from my shop, Red Thread Souk.  My husband designed the Indonesian-inspired couch, and it is upholstered with vintage Moroccan and Malian textiles, and European velvet. I designed the lantern with an ikat fabric.  The Frank Gehry wiggle chairs are dressed with old belts from Rajasthan.  The antique campaign chair is decorated with record beads from Ghana and a vintage carpet bag from Iran.  The Peacock mirror is Indian.  Standing on the back of the couch are African statues and old Koranic book plates. The little round hollow table is vintage Moroccan and filled with my collection of antique Egyptian hand door knockers.


My hallway.  The hallway is polished cement and is inset with light wells, lit from below.  We commissioned the star lanterns in the souks.

Terrace at Peacock Pavilions of Maryam Montague Elle Decor April 2012

My terrace.  The floor is covered with Moroccan cement tile.  We had the Moroccan zillij tile table made  by a Moroccan artisan.  

Peacock Pavilions Marrakesh Maryam Montague by Elle Decor

My guestroom. The wall was done in collaboration with Melanie Royals of Modello Designs and a group of kind Peacock Painters.  The curtains were made by Corinne Bensimon with saris I brought back from Bangladesh.  The carpet is vintage Moroccan Tazenarght.  On the bed is an old kantha quilt with a hand embroidered running stich.  The cushions are decorated with the embroidery of Rabat.  The two small chairs have cushions made out of African mud cloth.  The stools were purchased in Mali.

The Elle Decor April issue is devoted to international homes -- some of them jawdroppingly beautiful. I am in love with the ones from Spain and London, in particular.

Photography by Simon Upton; Photos courtesy of ELLE DECOR

Produced by Elle Decor Design Director Anita Sarisidi