Marrakesh: and a tale of love at Peacock Pavilions

 The bridesmaid hung her dress in the hotel room doorway at Peacock Pavilions.  She  didn't want to put it on until she had done the bride's hair.Charlie wedding at Peacock Pavilions in Marrakech

 She brushed and pinned and brushed and pinned. And the bride's hair looked perfectly like this...

Charlie wedding 5The bride slipped her dress on.  And then there was the surprise bouquet of blooms and succulents that had come from across the ocean.  

Sigh, so lovely.

Peacock Pavilions bouquet

On the allée of olive trees in front of Peacock Pavilions, the bride and her bridesmaid were beautiful both coming....

Charlie wedding

  and going.....IMG_1919

The best man had passed out.

Jake at Charlie's wedding

But he awoke in time to take pictures of the groom who was in the lavender garden pretending he was not nervous...

Charlie husband

It was time then.  And the bride ran past the olive trees. She ran to get married.

Charlie wedding 2 at Peacock Pavilions

She was barefoot.

Charlie wedding 4

But she had the ring.

Charlie wedding 3

And she had her groom.  

They said those important things.  And then they laughed.


 It was at Peacock Pavilions....  

Charlie wedding 1

that day, that special day, when they kissed.   

A love story.

Photography by Simone Allmen