Marrakesh: and a floral tale

Growing up, my mother loved flowers and gardening.  She spent endless amounts of time outside with pruners in hand, clipping and shearing.  Weekends were passed at nurseries and mulling over seed packets.  Bulbs would be forced and annuals selected with care. 

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Once my brother and I were safely ensconced in school, my mother decided to further her own studies and become a doctor.  But even after she had graduated from medical school and ran her own thriving practice, she would periodically threaten to quit and become a florist, just for the heady pleasure of mingling with blossoms all day long. 

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PS I took these images at the Four Seasons Hotel in Marrakech where I had the good fortune of arranging flowers with Jeff Leatham for an afternoon {followed by a surreptitious glass of champagne and pillaging of mini bar cashews}.  Jeff has done many celebrity weddings, including Chelsea Clinton's, and is hilarious! During our flower arranging, he accidentally split his Dior jeans and fashioned a sarong to cover the unexpected airconditioning.  I think my mother would like him.

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