Marrakesh: and a tale of hope and trepidation

My phone rang.  It was Marrakesh Fed Ex saying I had a package.  
Thank you, I said and I hung up.  
I sat there then for a moment, for several moments, the phone 
in my hand.  
I could hear a bird singing persistantly outside my window.  
But I was quiet.
My Marrakesh blog 009
Later, my son called me from Fed Ex.  
Mom, can we open it up?  he asked. 
No, I replied.  Please don't.  
I want to open it myself, I said.  

In its sturdy cardboard box, the package feels heavy in my hand.  
Like something, maybe, substantial.  
Inside is the first copy of my book, Marrakesh by Design.  
The kind people at my publisher, Artisan Books, sent it to me 
as quickly as they could.  

I feel a strange sort of trepidation about opening it.  
My Marrakesh blog 011
You see, I'm so hoping for 100 points of light.
My Marrakesh blog 014Please, oh please...let it be so. 

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