The Moroccan Moussem de Tan Tan: a tale of arrival

It was late when the chartered plane filled with journalists, real estate developers, historical fiction writers, spy novelists and an assortment of others touched ground. We were all there for the same reason: to visit the Moroccan Moussem de Tan Tan -- the world's largest gathering of nomads.  

I heard them before I saw them, singing in shimmering pink in the dark.

Moussem de Tan Tan 004
Men were drumming in striped jellabas and pointed slippers.

Moussem de Tan Tan 011

As I walked into the light, I saw visiting Saudi sheiks mingle in their red checkered headresses

Moussem de Tan Tan 018

while Algerian dancers flicked their wrists provocatively...

Moussem de Tan Tan 1062

and bystanders in turbans took photos.

Moussem de Tan Tan 024

The ground was covered in a strange and beautiful patchwork of red vintage carpets.  The stairs alone were worthy of a Moroccan Oscars.

Moussem de Tan Tan 028
As I was led to my bedouin tent - somehow astonishingly luxurious...........

Moussem de Tan Tan 1024
I couldn't help but wonder what the next day would have in store for me...

Moussem de Tan Tan 1037
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