The Moroccan Moussem de Tan Tan: and a tale of tents

The bedouins  had come from afar -- as far away as Timbuktu and even farther. They had been lured from the North to the South, from oasis to oasis, for the Moussem de Tan Tan.  Along the way they stayed in tents, known as khayma.  These were no ordinary structures, oh no.  Some had strange and beautiful patchwork insides made gleaming by the sun.  The bedouin women are the makers and the keepers of the khayma.

Moussem de Tan Tan 089
We -- the onlookers at the Moussem de Tan Tan -- stayed in very fine khayma. We dined in this one with walls made out of shimmering sequinned wedding blankets.  We would have made any bride jealous, I'm sure.

Moussem de Tan Tan 073
The floors were covered in red vintage Moroccan carpets, like some variegated artist's installation.

Moussem de Tan Tan 078
The khayma are grouped together in frigs, like tented villages.  All handmade out of goat and camel hair. 

Moussem de Tan Tan 273-001

And inside the khayma were the greatest treasure of all, of course.

Moussem de Tan Tan 141-001Perhaps the applause should be for them, the lovely tent-makers.

Moussem de Tan Tan 167-002
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