The Moroccan Moussem de Tan Tan: and a tale of warriors on Peace and Prosperity Square

It's on Peace and Prosperity Square that I watch them -- the Saudi dancers.  Because the Moussem de Tan Tan is not just for Moroccans; nomads, Bedouins and distinguished guests from countries north, south and far afield have been invited. 

Moussem de Tan Tan 466
The dancers move with precision and unerring discipline. They stamp their feet in perfect unison. There’s a  bang on the drum... 

Moussem de Tan Tan 502

and a flash of color.

Moussem de Tan Tan 519

Moussem de Tan Tan 521
Their voices rise in a kind of symmetrical chant. 

Moussem de Tan Tan 472
Then they hold their sabers upright. 

Moussem de Tan Tan 513-002
One dancer adjusts his saber so it can be just so. 

Moussem de Tan Tan 507
But no one goes astray.   No one.  

                                  It's all strangely hynotic.

    What is this dance, I ask. 

     It’s the Dance of Warriors, I’m told.

     Oh, I say, nodding my head.  

Moussem de Tan Tan 470
There are no women in this Saudi dance of warriors.    

And so the men dance their dance of warriors.  Dancing and dancing...

                                                                         on Peace and Prosperity Square.


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