The Moroccan Moussem of Tan Tan: a surreal tale

Oh I could try to tell you.

I could try to tell you about the Moroccan Moussem de Tan Tan, the world's largest gathering of nomads.

I could try to put it together in words.  To tell you about the Bedouins.  To talk about the children with their koranic boards.  To describe the dromedaries -- the way they moved on the field in tight formation.  And about the cameleers with their origami-like turbans. I could try to explain about the horses and the charging on the fields. About the pagentry, and rifles, and golden tassels.  I could say something about the tribal girls with kohl-lined eyes who couldn't stop themselves from dancing.  And about the tents filled to overflowing with people greedy for more.  People like me.

Oh I could try to tell you.  But the words would never, could never

                                                                                                               be enough.

2012-03-25 Moussem de Tan Tan2

Moussem de Tan Tan 175

2012-03-25 Moussem de Tan Tan5

Moussem de Tan Tan 244

Moussem de Tan Tan 326

Moussem de Tan Tan 589
2012-03-25 Moussem de Tan Tan4


Moussem de Tan Tan 782

Moussem de Tan Tan 620-001

Moussem de Tan Tan 917

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