Morocco: a tale of the Cirque du Soleil and the secrets of the universe

They don’t let you take pictures at the Cirque du Soleil.  Perhaps because they have the keys to The Point.  To What It's All About.  To the Secrets of the Universe.  

At the Cirque du Soleil, no one is governed by fear, only driven by curiosity.  

No one says Oh No! What if........?  They say Oh Yes! What if..........?    


Can I do 3 flips, not 2?  Can I reach farther, sing longer, jump higher?  

Can I be better?  Better than I am?  Because at the Cirque Du Soleil, mediocrity will never do - not for me and not for you. 

And if it is that the Cirque du Soleil thrills us, perhaps it is because we, too, wish to know all we're capable of.  To not stand in our own shadows, playing it safe........

        but dazzle in an electric sunset of our own making...........

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