Marrakesh: and a tale of Spring cleaning

I was thinking that Spring is the time for many things.  Like Spring cleaning.  It's a time to get out our brooms and tackle the debris under the bed and couch.  A time to open the closets and toss the faded¸ dingy, and unused.  

But more than our homes, Spring cleaning should tackle the dust balls that reside in the corners of our minds.  Those dark and wintery ideas that hold us down.  The thoughts that are old, crumpled, and unnecessary like, I’ll never get there,  or she’s so much luckier, or no matter what I do  I will always be overweight.  These thoughts should be tossed in the bin, along with the stained shirt and the broken appliance.

Spring is also the time to get rid of the Only Ifs that keep us tethered and constrained, like If only I had more time, If only I had more money, If only I had more skills. Because really, Only Ifs are just excuses in disguise blocking our path to where we want to go. 

Spring, yes Spring, is the time for possibilities.  And new growth. 

Garden and dinners 101
Garden and dinners 098

Garden and dinners 099

Garden and dinners 107

Images of the white rose gardens at Peacock Pavilions in Marrakesh.

PS My book tour for Marrakesh by Design starts tomorrow!  More on that soon but I'll be at the International Fair for Books and Press in Geneva from Wednesday-Friday, April 25-27.  Morocco is the guest of honor and will have its own Moroccan Pavilion.  If you are nearby please come say hello!

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