Everywhere: a tale of best friendship

So many heartfelt comments, so many thoughtful emails.  Thank you.  I read and reflected on each and every one.  While I long for more uncomplicated friendships in Marrakesh I still feel very lucky.  Because I have a friend.  Of the very, well, best kind. 

I’ve known her for over 20 years.  We used to work together, we used to live together.  With her I speak a secret language and share an unwritten code.  We wear the same shoe size and have the same dress size.  We were married one month apart and have children the same age.  We finish each other's sentences and laugh at each other's jokes (even the ones that no one else thinks are funny).  She once traveled to another country just to buy me a handbag. 

I tell her everything, everything.    Every hope, every fear.  She makes me braver and she makes me better.

She’s just….the best…best friend.

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Images taken yesterday in Geneva.  (I’m at the Geneva Book and Press Fair.  So exciting to see my book, Marrakesh by Design here! )

I would love to hear your stories of your best friends.  Please share.