Oualidia Morocco: and a tale of 50 and 50 more

It all started in a garden that had never seen a landscaper but had the wild and uncalculated beauty of a person who simply loved flowers.


Friends from Marrakesh and Rabat had gathered among the blooms for the occasion with their dogs.

Lise with Tilly
Some used for purposes of transportation.

Skylar with Zephyr
But the best news of all was that this garden was by the sea.

Smaller members of the group grabbed surf boards and were gone.

Tristan with his board


Later, we feasted on the water's gifts.

Oysters in Oualidia
Crab in Oualidia
But it was the evening that counted the most.

There were hugs.

And many bottles of champagne.

Then it was time.  

With friends, I watched him...

Vincent and Maryam
as he blew out the candles.

Chris candles big
There should have been 50 flickering lights

            but there were only 5.

I thought about the 50 years that had passed -- many of them with me.  And I wondered if they had been happy, happy enough.  I hoped the next 50 years would be yet happier.  But it wouldn't happen all by itself.  

There are many flowers for picking

                                                in gardens by the sea and everywhere.

Flower for Chris
Happy Birthday, big fella.