Marrakesh: and a tale of me and Martha Stewart

I'll tell you my "Good thing".  It's that I got to spend the day lunching and shopping with Martha Stewart (and Kevin Sharkey - adorable!) in Marrakesh.

Martha told me about the 700 stores she's opening in the US (holy moly!).  And her commitment to providing people with really good quality at an affordable price.  And we chatted about gardens, about food, about her granddaughter -- ie all the loves of her life. 

Martha Stewart and Maryam Montague

Martha Stewart is a woman with a full -- very full -- life.  Isn't that what we all want?  No matter how we define it?

And did I mention that Martha really likes my book, Marrakesh by Design?  (Yippee!)

Martha Stewart with Marrakesh by Design book

Lucky me!  Thank you universe:-)