Marrakesh: and a tale of me and Tory Burch

She's unflappable.  She's calm, cool, and collected.  She's gracious.   

She's Tory Burch.

Her clothes are lovely, and so is she.  And she's the perfect model for them -- so tiny, so delicate, so fine featured.  

She's also a most generous friend.  In fact, she invited several of her closest companions to accompany her recently to Marrakesh.  And that's where I came in.  Lucky me -- I got to shop, dine, and hang out with Tory and her posse of lovelies for two days straight.  We even had afternoon canapes and did a wee photo shoot at Peacock Pavilions!

Maryam Montague and Tory Burch

Canapes at peacock Pavilions
And Tory's buying my book, Marrakesh by Design, as a gift for all her friends who came to Marrakesh with her :-)

Tory Burch with Marrakesh by Design
I'm wearing Tory's beautiful Robin tunic,  and she is wearing her darling Daniela dress.

PS Tory bought so many gorgeous things in Marrakesh: lots of vintage Berber baskets, stunning Tuareg reed & leather carpets, sublime hand embroidered clothing, turn of the century Moroccan pottery, antique inlaid furniture, amazing bone tables, huge light fixtures, and so much more!  And (fingers crossed) I'm going to be working with her on a special project.  Stay tuned!

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