Marrakech: and a tale of the Loft Restaurant and Yehia

Let me take you out, I said.  

He agreed. We had things to talk about, you see, important things.

We arranged to meet at Restaurant Loft, a new place in Marrakech in Gueliz.  

Menu at the Loft
It's the kind of place with a well stocked bar....

Bar at the Loft
tea-pouring waiters....

and carefully arranged food....

Food at the Loft

It's the kind of place where people come and share their secrets.

Decor The Loft
Yehia was there already, waiting for me.  

We had our appetizers.

Then we ordered our drinks -- mojito royale.  

Mojito royal at the Loft
We would need those drinks because we were talking about Egypt.  You see, Yehia was Egyptian but he lived in Marrakech.

We talked.  We talked about revolutions and trickeries.  We talked about battling evils and how to choose between them.  We talked about chaos.  But mostly we talked about disappointment.  

There was another drink.

And despite the smiles, I thought I saw balled up fists.

Because happy demeanors can hide hopes dashed.  Especially when you love something so desperately.  Like a person, or an ideal, or a country.

                            And you see it go astray.


Bistrot Loft

18, rue de la Liberte, Gueliz, Marrakech

+212 (0)524-434-216