Marrakech: and a tale of Summer (& Moroccan carpets)

Embracing Summer with all its jumbled candy colors.
Reminding us that it mustn’t be business as usual.
But clear sunny days where gleaming pools beckon.
And making of cookies with freshly picked lavender.
And  impromptu lunches with friends in bright printed dresses.
Or mid-week cocktails made with rose petal syrups.

The days stretch forever with twice the possibilities.
But soon enough soon enough those lovelies are gone. 
So no idle wasting before glowing indoor screens.
And no taking for granted gifts from the garden.
And no turning down get togethers on terraces
                                                                    no matter where they may be.

But mostly remembering that Summer's a thing of the heart.
Saying No to petty arguments and spiteful last words.
And No to bickering and ever so curt emails.
And never forgetting to say I love yous and thank yous.
But rather embodying the spirit of our favourite season
...........of generosity, of abundance, of gratitude.

Happy Summer, today and every day.


Throwing off the pale and elegant ivories and embracing color in Red Thread Souk with a set of fabulously hued Summer colored carpets.

  Red Thread Souk 459

Vintage Moroccan Boujad Carpet 459

Red Thread Souk 1

Vintage Moroccan Zaiane Carpet 461

Red Thread Souk 458

Vintage Moroccan Boujad Carpet 458

Red Thread Souk 461

Vintage Moroccan Rehamna Carpet/runner 460 (sold)

Carpet 453 Red Thread Souk

Vintage Moroccan Mrirt carpet 453

Red Thread Souk 457

Vintage Moroccan Boujad Carpet 457

Pls contact me at moroccanmaryam(at)yahoo(dot)com for pricing.


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