Fez: and a tale of a city (almost) revealed

I had never understood it before.
                                     Morocco's city of Fez. 

Its alleyways had seemed strange and uninviting.
Its people had seemed cold and imperious.
Its treasures had been somehow hidden to me.

Fez had held me at arm's length. And although I longed to love it, I never could.

But suddenly with a new guide, I had new eyes.
And (oh, yes!) I saw its charms, its allure, its thousand year old beauty...

Its potions....

Fez potions
Its simplicity.

Fez bottle boy

Its color

Fez color
It's craft.

Fez craft
Its artistry

Fez bowls

And yes, its inviting nature....

Fez happiness
Suddenly, Fez was, well, illuminated.

Fez lantern

And there were the beginnings of a thousand year old mystery revealed.

Fez image

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