Wyoming: and a tale of love in an endless field, Part 3

I remember when I first met her all those years ago.  She had come into my office in Morocco talking about women’s rights, saying she wanted to do something -- something to make the situation better.  And I found myself offering her a job.  Just like that-- so fast that even she looked stunned.  She was a girl from Wyoming and a girl from Montana (because one state wasn’t enough).  And so I called her father on his ranch in those far off plains and I promised him that she would be okay if she took this job.  And he said… well, he said, yes

I knew soon after that she was like no one I had ever known.  That she had this shiny quality that seeped on to everything she touched.  And when she laughed, her whole body laughed.  And she could transfix you, like a shooting star or the snap of two fingers. 

And I remember when she first met him.  He was in my office, too.  He was the one who would shrug his shoulders and show me something he had written -- some piece of analysis.  And I’d ask, You wrote this?  Because it was good, really too good.  And I knew even then that he would go far, very far. 

So it made sense, perfect sense, that he would find her and she would find him.  Because the universe has its ways and one must never question them.

And this was their day

yes, this was their day.  

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Back on that ranch.  Back on those plains. Where love is an endless field.    

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PS Feeling so grateful today because of this.


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