Moroccan talismans: and a tale of tribal jewels

I believe in magic.  And so I saved for them.  The talismans. I wanted more than one, I wanted several, I wanted many.  I wanted so many that I'd know that they'd protect me no matter the circumstances, no matter the situation, no matter the tight bind. 

I wanted the old ones, I wanted the real ones, I wanted the kind that had their powers.  There were silver ones and Oh, there were gold ones.  I wanted them both.  I wanted them all.


For four months, I paid for them.  Every month I paid some more.  And then I paid some more again.  Until they were mine....the Moroccan talismans.  Bought from the white haired keeper of talismans

And then she made it for me....the necklace.  The necklace of talismans. 


With them around my neck....I feel, well, invincible


My talismans are mine.  But perhaps there are talismans that should be yours?  This necklace?  Or this one?  Or perhaps this one?  Or just look here.