Morocco: and a tale of Moroccan carpets (& summer year round)

Oh, it's almost over -- it's true.

But perhaps there's a way to keep Summer year round -- its colors, its patterns, its fabulous shades?

Happily hued Moroccan carpets.  Now in Red Thread Souk.

Red Thread Souk carpet 506

Moroccan Carpet 506

Red Thread Souk carpet
Moroccan carpet 499

Red Thread Souk carpet 498
Moroccan carpet 498 

Red Thread Souk
Moroccan carpet 497

Red Thread Souk 503

Moroccan Carpet 503

Red Thread Souk 501

Moroccan Carpet 501

Red Thread Souk 505

Moroccan Carpet 505

Red Thread Souk 502

Moroccan Carpet 502

Red Thread Souk 504

Moroccan Carpet 504

Red Thread Souk rug
Moroccan carpet 500

Which one's your favorite?  See all of them right here.

PS I talk about Moroccan carpets and rugs in my book, Marrakesh by Design.  And there's even a key for decoding carpets -- understanding what all those colors and symbols mean!