The Modenus Blogtour London: and a tale of people and places

Oh, we were in London on BlogTour to look at design.  But it was so much more than that.  

Our fearless leader (and den mother extraordinaire) Veronika Miller of Modenus, soberly went over the ropes.

And then we put our papers away.  And it started.

There were amazing sights.


that brought pure pleasure.

Chatti Patti

And spots with funny names 


or funny messages....


that provoked bouts of laughter.

Materials girl blogger

There was fierce playing in the's true.

requiring a never ending stream of food and booze for replenishment....

And even special dinners....just for us...


presided over with gusto.


and met with appreciation.

Igor Happy Interiors Blog

There were new friendships made.

And old friendships rekindled.


And while the new world order might be the enemy of humanity.

This world order was as pretty....

                                                           as a picture.

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