London: and a tale of Bill's or a style of your own

I was thinking about how easy it is to lose ourselves and to look like others.  How immersed we can be in our tear sheets, Pinterest images, and Etsy surfing, copying "looks", recreating interiors, and remaking crafts.  How all this inspiration can provoke a dull sameness, and all this sharing lead to a sort of viral handmade factory production.  The truth is that a tweak here or there doesn't make it your (or my) own.

So today here's to calling forth our ideal selves.  To a you that is really you, and a me that is really me, if only a bit shinier, more creative and more generous.

                                                              Let's all dig deep.

PS On BlogTour with Modenus, Sponsor Mr. Steam took us to Bill's for breakfast.  Sort of like a styled stage set but somehow homey and original. I liked it.




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