Marrakech: and a tale of a girl with violet eyes

She wasn't sure, really
if she could pull it off.

Maryam Montague for Raven and Lilly
The violet, the violet eyes.

Maryam Montague for Raven and Lilly 4
Maybe it was too much.

Maryam Montague for Raven and Lilly 5
But sometimes....sometimes too much...


is just enough. 

Is just enough.

Model: Fatima
Hair & Makeup: Tiffany Schwedland
Photographer: Me
Shot behind the scenes at the Raven and Lily shoot at Peacock Pavilions

Speaking of makeup, these are recent purchases: this nail polish, this face palette, and this eyeshadow.


PS   Saddened by this tale of a girl blogger and the Taliban
       Worried about this NY Times editorial about Mitt Romney
        Hoping that the next US President will take on these issues.
        Listening to Mindy Gledhill. (She just sang 3 songs at Peacock Pavilions.)

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