Marrakech Morocco: and a tale of unplugging & connecting -- Christine Johnson family photography

They were seated at the table next door in the restaurant.  Parents and two children, their heads stooped over, their faces bathed in that unmistakable glow. The daughter flicked through the photos at the speed of light, one after another, one after another.  The father typed furiously with his two thumbs, his mouth curled in a scowl.  The littlest boy cried Nooooo.....and then Yesssss... as he shot laser after laser.  The mother liked and then liked again -- she liked everyone, it seemed.  

They didn't speak.  They didn't speak to each other.  They only spoke to their screens.  

It's been quiet here on the blog.  I've been working on not being the family at the table next door.  

0032_2014 family-001
0027_2014 family-002
0042_2014 family-001
0057_2014 family-001
0132_2014 family-001
0079_2014 family-002
0099_2014 family-001
0150_2014 family-001

Images by former model and Photographer Christine Johnson.  She's always the best and so worth it.  Second year in a row.

PS Do you take any proactive steps to control or balance the amount of time that your family spends connected to the screen as opposed to each other?   I'd love to know your tricks and advice.