Marrakech: and a little news round up at Peacock Pavilions

Dear Friends,

It's been a little quiet here on the My Marrakesh blog with life, work, and travel getting in the way of blogging.  But there are some fun things happening.  Here's some news:

* The editors at Amazon named my book, Marrakesh by Design, a Best Book of 2012 and a top ten book of 2012 in the House and Garden category (I just managed to squeak onto that list!).  Perhaps my book would make a good gift for design and decorating enthusiasts, new home owners, or the culture and travel lovers in your life?:-)

* I did some Christmas shopping Moroccan-style for this amazing pop star.  So fun!  {Coincidentally, Marrakesh was just named the 9th best city in the world for Christmas shopping.  Read more here.}

* Annie Waterman of the fantastic HandEye Magazine interviewed me on Moroccan craft.  Take a peek HERE {& check out my photos}.

* Saw an advance copy of the Raven and Lily Spring catalogue that was shot at Peacock Pavilions.  I shrieked out loud!  

* An Irish TV crew has been at Peacock Pavilions for several days shooting a reality TV show episode.  The show follows the story of two (adorable) people, Maggie and Colin, making their way around the world WWOOFING (WWOOF=World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms).  Peacock Pavilions is a working olive farm and one of the show's six episodes takes place here!  The show airs in February 2013.  Stay tuned!

    Here I am with some of the sweet camera and sound crew (I am wearing my favorite Tory Burch tunic!).

* I was a source for this hot off the presses article on Marrakech in New York Magazine written by Julie Earle Levine.  Julie was kind enough to include this little blog in the story here

* Was in great company when asked by Cisthene to pick out the pieces that I would most like to find under my Christmas tree HERE.  Hint: jewels.

* I just sold a gorgeous Moroccan Beni Ouarain carpet from my Red Thread Souk to this amazing artist.  I am in love with her new album, The Haunted Man.

* So excited to see my livingroom at Peacock Pavilions on the cover of a design magazine (in Russian no less!).


Leaving for Cairo for work tomorrow. Oui, tomorrow.  Yikes, better pack.  

    Love from Marrakesh,


PS Would love to hear your news, too,  Pls share! xo

PPS Crazy about Pinterest these days.  Check out my boards right here.  Also let's chat on Twitter here if you are so inclined.