Marrakech: and a tale of Raven & Lily -- gifts with heart

I looked in my closet for something to wear.  Something beautiful, something made by hand, something timeless. I chose a dress, almost a hundred years old, a symbol of care, of agelessness,  of attention to detail.  But more than that, a dress with a story.

I chose this dress to wear with my Raven & Lily jewelry because every Raven & Lily necklace or bracelet has a story, too.  A compelling story, a worthwhile story, a story of sadness and of hope.  


In September, Raven & Lily shot their Spring catalogue at my place in Marrakech, Peacock Pavilions.  Last month, they asked me to join a group of fantastic women in styling my favorite pieces of Raven & Lily jewelry.  And since I've been teaching my 13 year old son, Tristan, how to take pictures, I hired him (for a song!) for the shoot.  

The Eden bracelet and Amleset necklace are handmade from melted bullet casings by HIV-positive women in Ethiopia.

Because beauty, oh, beauty is lovely...
but goodness, yes, Goodness, is even better.  

Every Raven & Lily purchase you make gives directly back to these women.  See my favorite pieces RIGHT HERE. And for the next 2 weeks you can save 25% on all your purchases with the code RALMARYAM.  Just in the nick of time for Christmas!


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