Kabul: and a tale of venturing and adventure

My husband's eyes looked tired when I told him; perhaps he secretly wished he had married the girl next door.  My 13 year old son said imperiously, No, sorry, you can't go, before adding, Can you bring me back a bullet proof vest?  My 11 year old daughter hopped on one foot and then the other and simply said, Mommy, you won't miss the school play will you?

I patted my husband on the arm and told him not to worry.  I informed my son in no uncertain terms that I wouldn't be bringing him back a bullet proof vest.  And I told my daughter that I wouldn't dream of missing her in the school play.  

And so it is that I am leaving for Afghanistan.  Tomorrow.  I'm waiting to write new tales.  And I am looking back on those I've already written, like:

A tale of shopping with the bodyguard.

A tale of when the taliban came to town.

A tale of Kabul and remembering.


I'll be tweeting what I'm seeing if you'd like to come along

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