Kabul: and a tale of beauty's uncertain future

Yes, I looked for beauty in Kabul and I found it.  But I couldn't help but wonder how long it would be allowed to exist unfettered.  You see, the talk was all about the Taliban.  About them coming back. About what would happen when the US troops pulled out.  

There was a sad past.


There was a weary present.

1-_MJM7258There was an uncertain future.  

There was depression, there was anxiety, and there was resignation.   There was hope, too.  


1-_MJM7252 But there wasn't enough. There wasn't enough hope.


I wanted so much for them, for the Afghans. I wanted their leaders to make good choices.  But what choices did they really have?


I could only hope that the country, its people and its beauties would not go forgotten.  Not be relegated to the evening news with its faceless deaths on densensitized screens.  

{Let's ensure the forgetting doesn't begin with you or me.} 

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