Marrakech: and a tale of my still curious home - Part 1: my bedroom

 I assemble small collections, and I create little vignettes.   I pin things to the wall, and I hang things on hooks.  I have piles of tribal textiles stacked up on chairs and on floors; I leave these piles everywhere.  


My husband swears that in his next life, he will marry a minimalist.  I pat him on the arm and say, Of course you will.    

Today, some items in my bedroom at Peacock Pavilions in Marrakesh.


A little pouch with Berber imagery to store receipts, books by Sibella Court (inspiring layouts), a clay hand holds Moroccan matches to light my candle in the evening.


A jumble of cushions on the daybed.

My jewelry, including a ring from Bouvier, bracelets from Tory Burch and Raven & Lilly, & antique tribal pieces on etched hands. (I sell the hand etched hands for $140 each  - useful, every day luxury is so nice.)  More favorite books - I am inspired by The Divine Home and love the photography in Interiors.

A collection of antique spice boxes from Yemen.

Kenyan bone beads and a necklace from Raven and Lily hanging from hooks of my own design. (The hooks are hand-made and I sell them for $55 each). A pom pom necklace from Tory Burch.  An image of a Berber woman found in the Marrakesh Thursday souk.

1-_MJM8311Flowering branches in a ginger jar.

A model hand with an old shell bead. Recent reading (odd & somewhat interesting).

A vintage peacock on an Egyptian inlaid box.

An old toy car found in the Marrakech souks, a terracotta head from Mali, a vintage Montague cigar box, an antique Tibetan tray.

What special little things are in your bedroom? 

PS  If you'd like to purchase hooks (3 models) or hands, pls email me at Moroccanmaryam(AT)

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