Marrakech: and a tale of where to see photography in Marrakech

If I had any real money, I'd collect photography.  Preferably black and white, preferably film, preferably portraits.  In Marrakech, there's Gallerie 127, which is always showing something on the photographic front.  

Recently I was at a Marco Barbon polaroid exhibit opening (inspired, perhaps, by the lovely authors of this book who have held two polaroid retreats at Peacock Pavilions).

Nathalie Locatelli, the stylish gallery owner was there. (Nathalie's beautiful Moroccan courtyard house is in my book, Marrakesh by Design.)

And of course, photographer Marco Barbon, who had flown in from Italy. 

There was wine....

and there were treats (even pad thai eaten with handmade wooden forks)....

But mostly, there was Marco's photography of Morocco....

which was contemplated....


or even scrutinized....

The verdict?  A thumbs up....


Gallerie 127
127, Avenue Mohammed V
Guéliz - Marrakech
Tel :  +212 (0)524 43 26 67 - +212 (0) 661 33 99 53
Open Tuesday-Saturday, 3pm-7pm
{Marco Barbon exhibit showing until April 6}

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