Marrakesh: a tale of Hassan Hajjaj and Riad Yima

I love stories  of redemption, of meteoric rises.  

Hassan Hajjaj told me that growing up his parents were so poor that they couldn't afford to buy him a single toy.  He used to comb the Moroccan beach near his home to see what the sea washed up.  He made his own toys, with the sea's discards.  

As a teenager, a low paid job for Hassan's father brought the whole family to London. They lived nine in a single room without a bathroom. 

But Hassan saw in the world something different.  He broke free and made his own way, becoming a club manager, a shop owner, a fashion designer, a lauded photographer. 

And then Hassan went back to Morocco and bought Riad Yima, his Marrakech courtyard house.


And had everything he never grew up with.



Riad Yima is also a shop, featuring Hassan's own pop modern designs.


Upcycled lanterns and furniture...

And, of course, Hassan's iconic photography.

If you're in Marrakech....make sure to drop by for a glass of mint tea...

 Riad Yima
52 derb Aarjane Rahba lakdima Medina
Marrakech Morocco
Tél: +212 (0) 524-391-987