Marrakech: a tale of design at Peacock Pavilions

Peacock Pavilions is a handmade place.  In a long fit of craziness, it's all made by hand (right down to the cement pavers of the paths, for which we made molds, mixed the cement and poured on site).   When I look around my home, I see a series of projects strung together, one memory after another.  There are parts that are wonky and parts that are plain old not right.  But like a homemade cake, it's still suprisingly delicious to me (especially with great whirls of frosting).

My dear friend Melanie Royals is in Marrakech for her annual decorative painting retreat at Peacock Pavilions with a group of very talented painters. This time, we've collaborated on something very special.  Here's a little peek.



What do you think? Pretty right?
PS A set of one of a kind Moroccan cushions in Red Thread Souk.  Fantastic talismanic patterns (and price includes shipping!).  Add bohmian flair to your home in a flash!